Thursday, January 21, 2016

Moving Time!

I will no longer be using this blog to get you information on Genealogy Updates.  Starting in February, you can find out what new books we've gotten in and what events are happening at LibraryAware.  To subscribe to the Genealogy newsletter and any other of the newsletters offered by the library, go to  If you click on the title of each newsletter, it will give you information on the newsletter and a link to the latest issue.  The first Genealogy newsletter will come out in the beginning of February and continue each month.

Thank you for your continued support - Susan

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Items Added in December 2015 and Upcoming Events

**Change in Service**
Starting February 1, 2016, we will no longer be posting to this blog.  The information you have received here will be moving to a new Library service - Library Aware.  You will still be able to receive information on new Genealogy books and upcoming Genealogy events with this service as well as being able to choose other areas of interest (such as fiction, non-fiction, digital books, etc.).  We will post more information listed in this blog on how to get started with this service as we get closer to February.
 New Items at the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library:
December 2015
Fourth and Fifth Corrections and Additions to Pocahontas Descendants
R GEN 929.20973 BRO
The Great Migration Directory: Immigrants to New England, 1620 – 1640
R GEN 929.374 AND
Connecticut Name Lists 1600s – 2001
R GEN 929.3746 DOL
Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland
R GEN 929.3752 HAR
New York:
Calendar of Wills on File and Recorded in the Offices of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, of the County Clerk at Albany [New York], and of the Secretary of State 1626 – 1836
R GEN 929.3747 FER
The New York Foundling Hospital: An Index to Its Federal, State,  and Local Census Records (1870 – 1925)
R GEN 929.3747 INS
North Carolina:
Buncombe County, North Carolina Index to Deeds 1783 – 1850
R GEN 929.375688 BUN
Pennsylvania Births:
Philadelphia County 1644 – 1765
Philadelphia County 1766 – 1780
Montgomery County 1682 – 1800
Chester County 1682 – 1800
Delaware County 1682 – 1800
Lebanon County 1714 – 1800
Bucks County 1682 – 1800
Northampton County 1733 – 1800
Lehigh County 1734 – 1800
R GEN 929.374811 PHI
R GEN 929.374811 PHI
R GEN 929.374812 MON
R GEN 929.374813 CHE
R GEN 929.374814 DEL
R GEN 929.374819 LEB
R GEN 929.374821 BUC
R GEN 929.374822 NOR
R GEN 929.374827 LEH
South Carolina:
Dictionary of South Carolina Biography:
Volume I
R GEN 929.3757 COT
Biographical Directory of the South Carolina House of Representatives:
Volume V 1816 – 1828
R GEN 929.3757 SOU
A Genealogical Collection of South Carolina Wills and Records:
Volume 1
Volume 2
R GEN 929.3757 YOU
R GEN 929.3757 YOU
History of Old Pendleton District & Genealogy of Leading Families
R GEN 929.375725 AND
History of Williamsburg
R GEN 929.375783 WIL
Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Patriot:
Volume 1 1815 – 1830
Volume 2 1831 – 1848
R GEN 929.3757915 CHA
R GEN 929.3757915 CHA
1900 Directory of Teachers for Virginia
R GEN 929.3755 VIR
Marriages and Deaths from Richmond, Virginia Newspapers 1780 – 1820
R GEN 929.3755451 RIC
A Rebel War Clerk’s Diary at the Confederate States Capital:
Volume 1: April 1861 – July 1863
Volume 2: August 1863 – April 1865
R GEN 929.3755451 RIC
R GEN 929.3755451 RIC
Revolutionary War Records: Mecklenburg County Virginia
R GEN 929.3755645 MEC
Some Russell County, Virginia Records: Births and Deaths 1853 – 1866
R GEN 929.3755755 RUS
History of Bristol Parish
R GEN 929.375582 DIN
Upcoming Area Events:

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. at the Haggard Library - 2501 Coit Road, Plano:
Genealogy Databases - Why do they make it so hard? Learn how to navigate Ancestry and Family Search.  This program is FREE and open to adults.


Thursday, January 14, 2016 6:45 - 8:30 p.m. at the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library - 101 East Hunt Street, McKinney:  The North Collin County Genealogical Society will host Ms. Deborah Kilgore.  Her topic will be the History of 109 Kentucky Street.  Just as genealogists use the census, ships manifests, tax records, and family documents to tell the story of the past  Deborah will tell the story of one of the oldest buildings on McKinney's downtown square, 109 Kentucky using maps and photographs to show how American and local history is reflected in a building.  This program is FREE and open to all.  You do not have to be a member of the Society to attend.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November New Items and Upcoming Area Events


New Items at the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library

November 2015

The Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Europe
R GEN 912.4 FAM
Items that may be checked out:
Historic German Newspapers Online
GEN 929.1016 THO
Tracing Your ancestors Through Death Records
GEN 929.1072041 HER
DeKalb County, Alabama, Grantee Deed Index, 1835-1895
R GEN 929.376166 DEK
DeKalb County, Alabama, Grantor Deed Index, 1835-1895
R GEN 929.376166 DEK
Probate Records of Kent County, Delaware 1822-1833
R GEN 929.37514 KEN
Georgia Free Persons of Color:
Volume I: Elbert, Hancock, Jefferson, Liberty, & Warren Counties 1818-1864
Volume II: Appling, Camden, Clarke, Emanuel, Jones, Pulaski, & Wilkes Counties 1818-1865
R GEN 929.3758 POR
R GEN 929.3758 POR
Early Landowners of Maryland:
Volume 12: Old Somerset County 1655-1710
R GEN 929.3752 HAL
Land Records of Worcester County, Maryland 1666-1810
R GEN 929.375221 WOR
Charles County, Maryland Land Records:
1796-1799 Deed Book IB #2
1799-1801 Deed Book IB #3
1801-1803 Deed Book IB #5
R GEN 929.375247 CHA
R GEN 929.375247 CHA
R GEN 929.375247 CHA
Baltimore [Maryland] Directory of 1807
R GEN 929.37526 BAL
Index to Marriages and Deaths in the (Baltimore) Sun 1837-1850
R GEN 929.37526 BAL
Abstracts of Frederick County, Maryland Land Records 1773-1778
Libers V,W, BD1, BD2, and RP1
R GEN 929.375287 FRE
Baltimore County, Maryland Marriage Licenses:
May 2, 1832-September 14, 1839
September 14, 1839-October 31, 1846
November 2, 1846-November 29, 1851
R GEN 929.375271 BAL
R GEN 929.375271 BAL
R GEN 929.375271 BAL
History of Allegany County, Maryland:
Volume I
Volume II
R GEN 929.375294 ALL
R GEN 929.375294 ALL
Port Arrivals and Immigrants to the City of Boston 1715-1716 and 1762-1769
R GEN 929.374461 SUF
North Carolina:
Nash County, North Carolina Court Minutes:
Volume 1: 1778-1785
Volume 2: 1787-1793
R GEN 929.575647 NAS
R GEN 929.575647 NAS
The Wills of Nash County, North Carolina:
Volume 1: 177-1848
Volume 2: 1849-1900
R GEN 929.575647 NAS
R GEN 929.575647 NAS
The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina:
R GEN 929.375648 HAL
R GEN 929.375648 HAL
Rockingham County, North Carolina Marriage Abstracts 1785-1868
R GEN 929.375663 ROC
Applications for Enrollment of Chickasaw Newborn Act of 1905:
Volume I
Volume II
Volume III
Volume IV
Volume V
Volume VI
Volume VII
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
Choctaw By Blood Enrollment Cards 1898-1914:
Volume III
Volume IV
Volume V
Volume VI
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
R GEN 929.3766 BOW
“Lazy, loves strong Drink, and is a Glutton” White Pennsylvania Runaways, 1720-1749
R GEN 929.3748 BOY
Early Church Records of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
R GEN 929.374818 DAU
1836 Haywood County, Tennessee Civil Districts and Tax List
R GEN 929.3768223 HAY
History of Fentress County, Tennessee
R GEN 929.376869 FEN
Abstracts of Land Records of Richmond County, Virginia 1692-1704
R GEN 929.375523 RIC
Middlesex County, Virginia marriage References and Family Relationships 1673-1800
R GEN 929.375533 MID
Henrico County, Virginia Court Order Book 1710-1714
R GEN 929.3755453 HEN
Henrico County, Virginia Wills and Deeds 1714-1718
R GEN 929.3755453 HEN
Hanover County [Virginia] Taxpayers: Saint Paul’s Parish 1782-1815
R GEN 929.3755462 HAN
West Virginia:
Berkeley County, [West] Virginia Deeds and Wills Abstracts:
Deed Books 1-5 (1772-1781), Will Books 1-3 (1772-1805)
R GEN 929.375497 BER



Upcoming Area Events:

Saturday, December 19 at 10:30 a.m. in the Haggard Public Library - 2501Coit Road, Plano:
The Genealogy Friends of  Plano Libraries will have a "Show and Tell" program.  Come and share your Genealogy successes and breakthroughs.  For more information: This program is free and open to all.

New at the McKinney Public Library:

The McKinney Public Library has a new FREE magazine service available online: ZINIO.  Check out complete magazines with no holds, checkout periods, or maximum quantities. App available on iTunes and Google Play. Choose “Zinio for Libraries.”  For Genealogy, this FREE service includes "Family Tree Magazine". For more information on this, check the Library's website at or ask any staff when you visit the library!