Saturday, January 2, 2010

First post - 2010

I am Tracy Luscombe, the genealogy and local history librarian of the McKinney Public Library System. Though this blog shows a contact of jcox that is only because the library's main blog site has the same contact for every blog. However, my real contact information is I plan to post to this blog weekly as 2010 progresses. This is a new skill for me so there will be a learning curve. Stay tuned - the idea is to bring more information about our genealogy and local history collection to you each week.


  1. Im glad to join this blog. Let me know if there is anything either the Collin County Genealogical Society or I can help you with.

  2. Hello!

    You’ve got a great genealogy blog and I’ve added it to the blog list at GeneaBloggers.

    In addition, I’ve made sure your blog is listed in our search engine ( so that it may be searched along with over 800 other genealogy blogs.

    Finally, I will also highlight your blog in my weekly This Week’s New Genealogy Blogs post on Saturday, 23 January 2010.

    Is there anything you need from us in terms of tech assistance or other advice? Check out the GeneaBloggers Welcome Wagon for lots of info: And if you need technical help, I run a tech blog for bloggers:


    Thomas MacEntee

  3. Great start! I look forward to reading your posts. GeneaBloggers is a great boon to those searching for ideas and information. Thanks for putting your blog within the group.