Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Migration

Immigration is not a new issue. People migrated from other countries to this land to form a new country. After they got here they migrated from one area of the land to the others. They often traveled in ethnic, religious, or neighborhood groups. As cities became industrialized people migrated to create the suburbs. Tracing these movements can help you find your ancestors, and put more than names and dates to their lives. One source that can help you is The Atlas of American Migration by Stephen A. Flanders (Facts on File, Inc. 1998). Unlike most atlases it is not just maps. There is discussion of the reasons for American migration such as natural disasters, as well as American Slavery. The promise of land and the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, and "white flight" in the 20th century are all addressed. Methods of transportation and the "vanishing farmer" are also discussed. This book can be an especially valuable source for telling you why someone ended up with an event that seems out of place in their lives. Come take a look at the where and how of American Migration.

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