Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Genealogical Resources of the Civil War Era

Veteran genealogy guide author William Dollarhide has a new book in print and we've added it to our collection. The full title is Genealogical Resources of the Civil War Era: online and published military or civilian name lists, 1861-1869, and post-war veteran lists. The title alone tells you it is more than just a list of soldiers and their regiments. The war affected all of our ancestor families during and after the war.  As with all of Dollarhide's work it is very thorough. Sections include Nationwide Resource Groups, Statewide Resource Groups, Online and Published Resources by State or Territory (there are 4 pages for Texas), and Best Civil War Resource Centers for Local and County Research. He makes this caveat in his introduction. "This book was not written as a guide to Civil War narratives as such, but a guide to the various records in which one will find the lists of names of both soldiers and civilians." You'll find this valuable source at R Gen 929.37 DOL.

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