Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A new source in our collection is this book fully titled: Wanted! U.S. Criminal Records Sources and Research Methodology by Ron Arons (2009 2nd ed). This book "lists thousands of sets of records concerning incarcerations, criminal court activities, paroles, pardons, executions and police and other organizations' investigations, state by state, across the nation." The author learned his research methodology by the researching his own criminal ancestor and then helping others research their own ancestors with a checkered past. Each state has a separate chapter. Within each state is a list of sources to consult. Each record type is described in the front of the book along with a list of "considerations" such as "criminals frequently commit multiple crimes". He also offers advice on "what to look for first?" Be sure to review these areas along with the section "How to Use this Book" before proceeding to the record information. You can find this source at R Gen 929.1072 ARO

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