Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Texas General Land Office

First, please forgive the one day delay in this week's post. I was out of work ill yesterday. Back on my feet today.
The Texas General Land Office was created 22 Dec. 1836. According to James Harkins (Archives and Records, GLO) "the land system initially adopted by the Republic of Texas was essentially a continuation form the Spanish and Mexical rule, with notable changes in the manner of administering the land granting process." The current GLO can be a great resource is you have ancestors who were in this territory, even if it was before it was a Republic or a state. There are 6987 land titles granted in Texas by the Crown of Spain or Republic of Mexico, representing 26.28 million acres of land. In this collection you might find out when your ancestor came to pre-revolutionary Texas, where your ancestor came from, and read interesting correspondence about the settlement of land between various government officials. From the English language records you might find out when your ancestor arrived in Texas and where they settled, if they were married, if they served in the Texas revolution, and how much land they received. One of the best parts about the Texas General Land Office records is they are almost all online.
It is an easy web site to use too. If you're not sure you're doing the search right, just contact them for help. You can even have them do the search for you for only a small fee.

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